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The meaning, significance and attributes of Allah.

Islam is a monotiest religion ie., it believes in only one God. God has no partners. All muslims prostrate and pray to only one God.

"Verily, God He (alone) is the Bestower of sustenance, the Lord of unbreakable strength." (Quran: LI, 58). According to Arabic rhetoric in indicates that God is the only provider.

Allah is the Creator, Provider, Sustainer and Cherisher of this world. Everything that exists in this universe belongs to HIM. All power, strength, glory & honor exclusively belongs to Allah. "Unto God belongeth all power.." (Quran: II, 165) He has absolute control over every living and non-living unit that exists in this universe. Every atom stays in its place and moves from its place only by HIS command. HE has abolute control over Life & Death. Everything that exist between the heavens and earth belongs to Him. HE is the supreme and ultimate authority over every existing particle of this world.

HE introduces Himselves in His Own Words:
(112:1) Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;
(112:2) Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
(112:3) He begets not, nor is He begotten.
(112:4) And there is none comparable unto Him.

HE is neither born to anyone nor HE has any children of HIS OWN.

"ALLAH" what does that means.
Out of innumerable attributes of Allah, some of the attributes are as mentioned below. Allah is a name that covers, contains & sums up all the values of the attributes said below.

Names & Attributes of Allah
Name Attribute Name Attribute
Ar Rehman The Beneficient Ya Awwal The First
Al 'Adl The Just Ya AzimThe Great
Al 'Afuw The Pardoner Ya AzizThe Mighty
Al Ahad The One Ya BaatinThe Hidden
Al Akhir The Last One Ya BadiThe Incomparable
Al A'ali The Most High Al Baa'isThe Resurrector
Al Alim The All Knowing Al BaqiThe Everlasting
Al Awwal The First Al BarrThe Source of All Goodness
Al Azim The Great One Al BasirThe All Seeing
Al 'Aziz The Mighty Al BasitThe Expander
Al Baatin The Hidden Al FattahThe Opener
Al Badi The Incomparable Al GhaffarThe Forgiver
Al Baa'is The Resurrector Al GhafurThe All Forgiving
Al Baqi The Everlasting Al GhaniThe Self Sufficient
Al Barr The Source of all Goodness Al HadiThe Guide
Al Basir The All Seeing Al HafizThe Preserver
Al Basit The Expander Al HakamThe Judge
Al Fattah The Opener Al HakimThe Wise
Al GhaffarThe Forgiver Al HalimThe Forbearing One
Al Ghafur The All Forgiving Al HamidThe Praiseworthy
Al Ghani The Self Sufficient Al HaqqThe Truth
Al Hadi The Guide Al Mu'minThe Guardian of Faith
Al Hafiz The Preserver Al MumitThe Creator of Death
Al Hakam The Judge Al MuntaqimThe Avanger
Al Hakim The Wise Al MuqaddimThe Expediter
Al Halim The Forbearing One Al MuqitThe Maintainer
Al Hamid The Praiseworthy Al MuqsitThe Equitable
Al Haqq The Truth Al MuqtadarThe Powerful
Al Hasib The Reckoner Al Muta'aliThe Most Exalted
Al Hayy The Alive Al MutakabbirThe Majestic
Al Jaame The Gatherer Al MunzillThe Dishonorer
Al Jabbar The Compeller Al NaafiThe Propitious
Al Jalil The Sublime One Al NoorThe Light
Al Kabir The Most Great Al QabizThe Constrictor
Al Karim The Generous One Al QadirThe Able
Al Khabir The Aware Al QahharThe Subduer
Al Khafid The Abaser Al QawiThe Most Strong
Al Khaliq The Creator Al QayyumThe Self Subsisting
Al Bari The Evolver Al QuddusThe Holy
Al MusawwirThe Fashioner Al RaafiThe Exalter
Al Latif The Subtle One Al RahimThe Merciful
Al Majeed The Noble Al RaqibThe Watchful
Al Majid The Most Gracious One Al RashidThe Guide to the Right Path
Al Malik The Sovereign Lord Al Ra'ufThe Compassionate
Al Malik-Al MulkThe Eternal Owner of Sovereignty Al RazzaqThe Provider
Al Maani The Preventor Al SaburThe Patient
Al Matin The Firm One Al SalamThe Source of Peace
Ya Mu'akhkhir The Delayer Al SamdThe Eternal
Ya Mubdi The Originator Al SamiiThe All Hearing
Ya Mughni The Enricher Al ShaahidThe Witness
Ya Muhaymin The Protector Al ShakurThe Appreciative
Ya Muhsi The Reckoner Al TawwabThe Acceptor of Repentance
Ya Muhyi The Giver of Life Al WaaliThe Governor
Al Mur'id The Restorer Al WaliThe Protecting Friend
Al Mu'izz The Honorer Al WadudThe Loving
Al Mujib The Responsive Al WahhabThe Bestower
Ar Rehman The Beneficient Al WahidThe Unique
Ya Adl The Just Al WajidThe Finder
Ya 'Afuw The Pardoner Al WakilThe Trustee
Ya Ahad The One Al WarrisThe Supreme Inheritor
Ya Akhir The Last One Al WasiThe All Embracing
Ya A'ali The Most High Al ZaahirThe Manifest
Ya Alim The All Knowing Al ZaarrThe Distresser
Al Zul Jalal Wal IkbramThe Lord of Majesty & Bounty