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Different Quran?

It is commonly alleged that Shia Muslims have a different Quran than Sunni Muslims.

Here's a simple answer:

Allah swt revealed the Holy Book to Prophet Mohammad SAWW during the period of his Prophethood. The Book is known as Quran.

There is only one Quran that exist in this world which is followed by Shia and Sunni Muslims alike.
This is one of the prominent commonalities between Shia and Sunni Muslims.

Allah swt has taken the responsibility to preserve & Proptect the Holy Quran:
Inna Nahnu Nazzalna Zikra Wa Inna Lahu La Hafizoon. (Holy Quran )
And He shall protect it till the Day of Judgement.

The current Quran that we follow is free from all addition, modification or deletion to the original text and is in exact shape and form as it was revealed to the Holy Prophet SAWW during the time of his prophecy.

It is commonly alleged that Shias Quran has more Verses in the end. Let's figure if there is any difference between the Quran followed by Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims!

Quran followed by Shia Muslims...Press link...

Quran followed by Sunni Muslims..Press link...

Shias believe on Quran is very beautifully disclosed by a very prominent Shia Scholar in his book "Believes of Shias". He says:
"We believe that the Holy Quran is revealed by Allah through the Holy Prophet of Islam dealing with every thing which is necessary for the guidance of mankind. It is an everlasting miracle of the Holy Prophet the like of which can not be produced by human mind. It excels in its eloquence, clarity, truth and knowledge. This Divine Book has not been tampered with by any one. This Holy Book which we recite today is the ame Holy Quran which was revealed to the Holy Prophet. Any one who claims it to be otherwise is an evil-doer, a mere sophist, or else he is sadly mistaken. All of those who have this line of thinking have gone astray as Allah in Quran said: "Falsehood can not reach the Quran from any direction (41:42)"
Shia scholar is Allama Muhammad Ridha Mudhaffar

All allegations are out of falsehood and ignorance. And all allegations are by enemies of Islam to create confusion in the minds of Muslims and to divide their unity & strength.

Propagation and Allegations of lies is a grave in Islam.

"Creating 'fitna' is much severe than murder" ( Fitna ashaddu minal qatl ) (Hadith..Holy Prophet)