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Imam Zainul Abideen (as) said the following concerning the consequences of sins.

Those sins which destroy blessings are: Sins committed by a man who knows God, rebellion against people, and ridiculing them.

Those sins which repels manís enjoyment of Godís blessings are: To express oneís destitution, so sleep at the time of morning and night prayer, to underestimate Godís blessings and to complain of God.

Those sins which tears the veil of innocence are: To drink wine, to gamble, to do something to make people laugh, idle talk, to joke, to find faults with people, and to associate with those whose ideas and deeds are dubious.

Those sins which draw down tribulations are: Not to help someone who asks for help, not to help the wronged one, to misuse enjoining the good and forbidding the bad.

Those sins which make the enemy victorious are: To oppress people openly, to commit sin openly, to consider something unlawful as lawful, to rebel against the righteous, and to obey the wicked.

Those sins which cause despair are: To despair of Godís Grace, to get disappointed of Godís Mercy, to rely on others instead of God, and to consider Godís promise as false.

Those sins which cause disgrace are:To borrow but not to pay it back, to be extravagant, to be stingy in meeting the needs of the family, to be bad-tempered, to be impatient, to be lazy, and to contempt religious people.

Those sins which reverts Dua are: To have bad intention, to be evil in heart, to be hypocrite towards brothers in faith, not to confirm brothers in faith by abandoning a positive response, and to delay the obligatory prayers.

Reference: Odattul Daee