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Does Allah(swt) sends Wahi only to the Prophets.

Sura Nahl:68 "And your Lord sent WAHY to the bee to build its cells in hills...."

Sura Shua'raa:7 "So We sent WAHY to the mother of Musa that suckle him...."

Sura Anbiya:73 "And we made them Imams, guiding men by Our command and We sent WAHY to them to do good deeds..."

Sura : Wahi for Maryam to keep silent and to point at Jesus to talk.

From the verses quoted above, it is evident Allah(swt) sends Wahi and revelations to other than Prophets too. Allah(swt) sends Wahi to Masooms like mothers of the Prophets and Imams.

Other than the Wahi Allah(swt) also sends inspirations & intuitive knowledge to the righteous Imaams too as He reveals in Sura Qadr:

Sura Qadr: Tanazzalul malaayakatahu warroohe fiha minkulle amrin Salaam.

Can man achieve higher status than Angels.

Both Sunni and Shia schools believe that not only the Imams, but also an ordinary MU'MIN, following the Shariah of Islam can achieve higher status than the angels. Angels do not have emotions, passions and desires. Humans have to combat all the evils to achieve purity.

Therefore, when he frees himself from base desires and obeys his Master, he has a higher place.