Those who believe and those who emigrate and strive hard in the cause of ALLAH, it is these who hope for ALLAH's mercy; And ALLAH is Most forgiving Merciful. (Al-Baqrah : 21)
Prayer is what angels love........ Prayer is the practice of The Prophets(AS)....... Prayer is the light of understanding....... Prayer is what makes faith strong....... Prayer is what makes actions accepted....... Prayer increases sustenance....... Prayer keeps you away from illness....... Prayer is what Shaytan hates....... Prayer is a weapon to confront your enemies....... Prayer is what will assist you with The Angel of Death(AS)....... Prayer is the light in your grave....... Prayer is an answer to Munkar and Nakeer (AS), and....... Prayer is what will help you in the grave till The Judgment Day.......
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ARTICLES(Section #1)
Islam: Most tolerant, most compassionate and most logical religion. Must read.
Allah: Who is Allah, Meaning, Significance and attributes of Allah.
Quran: The Book of Guidance. Verses that educate moral & social values.
Mohammad(PBUH), The messenger of Allah
Phases of the life of Prophet Mohammad(PBUH)
Children: Upbringing children in Islam
Women: Status of women in Islam
Parents: Status of Parents in Islam
Pork: Why Pork is forbidden in Islam. What Bible says about Pork.
Alcohol: Why Alcohol is forbidden in Quran & Bible.
Human body and Human health a blessings for man from Allah.
Music: What does Islam say about Muslic.
Jesus, Mary, Prophets: Status of Jesus(pbuh) & Lady Mary(pbuh) in Islam & list of Prophets in Islam.
Anger & its management in Islam.
The Open Mindedness in Islam.
Prayers: Its importance in Islam.
Sins: Consequences of sins.
Islamic Slaughter: Is it Cruel to Animals?
Ramadan: The Phylosophy of fasting.
Islam: In the eyes of non-muslims scholars
Fiqh Jafari: Shia Islamic Fiqh

ARTICLES(Section #2)
Main Article: Prophet showed the clear way of following Islam after him.
Aqida(Believes): The core principals of religion.
Ahlebayt: Their importance in Islam, Incident of KISA. Prophet's warnings to Muslim.
Ghadeer: The Grand Event organised by the Prophet for the guidance of Muslims after him.
Ali, The Caliph: Different occassions when the Prophet appointed Ali(as) as Caliphs over Muslims.
Fadak: Lamentable incidents on Ahlebait after the demise of Holy Prophet.
Karbala: Brutal attrocities on Prophet's household (Ahlebayt), untold history.
4th Khilafat: The khilafat of Hazrat Ali(as). Wars of Jamal, Siffin, Naharwan.
Administrator: Imam Ali Ibn-Abi Talib AS, the Great Administrator ever.
Calling Kafir: What Quran says about mocking, ridiculing, calling Kafir or killing Muslims.
The 12 Caliphs: Prophet appointed caliphs for Muslim Ummah vs Muslims selected caliphs.
The Reward: Demise of the Prophet & the rewards given to his household for his remarkable services.
Vaseela: The importance of Vaseela(seeking means) in Islam.
Wodhu(Ablution): What Quran says about wazu(Ablution). Are we following it?
Sajda(Prostration): Why prostration is done on mud.
Joining Prayers: Why prayers are offered joined (Zuhr&Asr and Maghrib&Ishan).
Breaking Fast: Do we break our fast on the time as per Quran. Must read.
Nabi, Rasool, Imaam: Their Differences & Status
Wahi from Allah: Did it came only on Prophets? Can Humans attain higher status than Angels?

Muta: As per Quran, Hadith & human reasoning.
Taqiyya: Hyporicy or Faith. What is Quran's verdict & Prophet's teachings/instructions.
Tahreef al-QURAN: Discussed by Shias & Sunnis and solved by both. Must read.
Different Quran: Do Shias Muslims have a different QURAN.
Are Shia Muslims? Answers from

Un-answered questions of the martyred scholar Maulana Ghulam Hussain.
The fatwa from Al-Azhar Muslim university.
Renowned Muslim Scholar, Shaiq Ahmed Deedat's efforts to unite Shias & Sunnis.